Is there anything better than an early Sunday morning, waking quietly before anyone else and finding yourself in the tranquility of an early morning? There is nothing I love more whether its my weekend and the little one and my partner are still sound asleep and I am watching the sunrise over the lake or its coming home at night and enjoying the tranquil night sky. It could be a freezing winter morning with a steamy cup of coffee or a cool summer morning when I leave for an early kayak with a sweatshirt over my bikini knowing within the hour I’ll need the former. There is just something about the quiet, still, calm of an early morning and without a doubt I’ll photograph the sunrise usually taking just one picture. It’s almost as if I am quietly acknowledging that no matter how hard we try these moments undoubtedly won’t last forever even if I do get 70 more years of tranquil quiet sunrise mornings.

Where is your happy place? Is it the early morning sunrise like mine? Or maybe looking up at the night sky after work and taking that one deep breath as you look and think I’m glad a took a moment to take in the stars? Perhaps its the way the city lights twinkle as you walk along on a cool winter night? Share yours below.


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