This week was a rough week for me there was a death in our family, which is always challenging to process and navigate and that was compounded by some complications with my job and some lack of support while I was experiencing the grieving process.

I am someone who likes to take things head one I am most definitely the kind of person to call someone out on their crap and ask them to step back and look at the big picture. Unfortunately in this situation taking the high road meant carefully crafted responses, reaching out for support from various members of the organization and digging into the task at hand. If you know me patience isn’t my strongest area so the whole situation has been very challenging.

The other things I struggle with while being patient is to be able to let things go. While I’ve talked things through with my other half and some close friends to better handle both situations I’m still many times left with that yucky nagging feeling. And as I look out my snow-covered window all I can think is I need to climb a mountain.

I took up hiking about ten years ago as I’ve always been athletic and loved the outdoors. I grew up riding horses and spent many times during my early teen years crying into my horse’s mane when I had  a particularly bad day. And the more I hiked I realized something extra great about it aside from the view, the exercise and the fresh air, it was the sense of accomplishment. No matter how bad my week was, no matter what challenges I was facing in a day I could accomplish something. Hiking up a mountain was something that meant I in 2 hours, 4 hours , 8 hours however long it took, I took the hard path I worked hard, was rewarded with a view and an experience that many people don’t get to have and I made it back. And when everything thing else was going wrong I could set my sights on a goal and achievement all in one Saturday.

So many hiking up a mountain isn’t for you but there is a benefit in finding your mountain maybe its painting, writing, photography but finding your mountain can let you take back control of a bad day, a bad week or just that general feeling of yuck while you wait to reach the resolution of a larger problem. So go out today, tomorrow or next week and find your mountain.

Mount Chocura, 3,940 ft.
Mount Chocura, 3,940 ft.

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