I have this amazing mentor who I have been close with for about 7 years. When we worked together years ago he said to me one day, “You are the most frustrating person on the planet. How are you not motivated by money?”. Well I guess it never occurred to me before that money should be my motivation. I mean I attended college and chose a degree based on what I enjoy and future earning potential. I have also always worked, doing extremely labor intensive jobs for most of my youth. But for me if you need more money you work harder, it was always that simple. Money was never my end game, I wanted to do things, make a difference, change the world, be happy, do what I loved. And for me if you are going to spend your whole life doing something that makes you unhappy just to get to where you can afford to do what makes you happy well haven’t you just wasted 30 years? Like he said, I can be a very frustrating person, especially when you’re comparing my life thoughts at 25 to a 50 year old corporate executive.

Now back to the subject at hand how does this mean I am chronically broke, well I have this crazy philosophy. See when I see someone in need, kids with no winter coats to wear to school for example, my first thought is this, there is nothing I possibly need right now more than those kids need coats. And in turn I have a tendency to be a bit more generous than my budget says I should be. I guess broke is a matter of perspective as well. I can always pay my bills, so we aren’t talking stealing from peter to pay paul kind of broke here we are just prioritizing charity as the next most important thing. Even when all I have is an extra $5 site like thechive.com truly revolutionized crowd sourced funding for charitable sources. Seeing $5, $10, $2 donations amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in mere hours truly shows how even a little bit can go such a long way when we all work together. So when I could be going to get my hair done and my cousin sends out a post on how kids at her daughters school don’t have jackets or won’t get Christmas presents, I can tell you my hair will wait every single time.

How do you give back? Do you have a more pragmatic approach or is your heart bigger than your wallet like mine is?


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