I’ve worked a lot of different places with a lot of different people and my current place of employment by far has the best looking group. Now to make the case as to why I work with really really good-looking people I want to go back in time and talk about my last job and the people there. So at my last job there were a lot of good-looking people too. My boss was always incredibly well put together, manicures were frequent, hair was always done, make up always on, stilettos were requisite. Of course I was more known for spending the winter roaming the office in pink fuzzy socks but that’s a story for a different post. My boss actually paid on numerous occasions to tame my wild, curly red hair with $400-$500 Keratin treatments, as well as numerous other beauty items under the sun $80 exfoliant, manicures, eye lash extensions you name it we had it done. But then a lot of different things happened and I eventually left the company. While interviewing for my current job, and as I look back and joke now my appearance was complete and utter false advertising. I wore a sheath dress and black suit coat, a dress not meant to sit or breath in, 5″ black stilettos and my bright red hair blown out and straightened. But today, you won’t see much of that, my hair is constantly changing styles but usually is a cascade of natural waves down my back, make up is a bit of tinted moisturizer, maybe some eye shadow if I want to feel fancy, the stilettos come out on occasion but here’s the secret I look soooo much better now. When I look around my office I am truly privileged to work with some of the brightest minds the world has to offer and all of these people are genuinely good. The most brilliant analyst will laugh along side me when I tell him I sheepishly couldn’t figure out how to type out the name of a tool or kind of code he was using. But he will follow-up by sending me an email explaining whatever it was to me with a series of links to real world examples to help make it attainable for my understanding. And they all do this because they all care and want to help. They are doing this mind-boggling work but have the most utter respect for what I do just realizing that every type of skill set is important. And if you have ever worked in corporate American you know what a unique attribute that is. To circle back to my original statement if you haven’t figured it out yet the reason everyone I work with is really really good-looking is the best reason in the world, confidence. They all have given themselves permission to just be themselves. No one in this office looks like anybody else you don’t see harsh black corporate dress, stick straight hair and well polished make up every woman, What you will see if unique and daring hairstyles, a variety of outfits from around the globe some subdued some with big bold colors. You see every single person taking prideful ownership in just being uniquely them.

Do you feel like you can dress in a way that shows off your uniqueness in your office?

Office community service day (pig tails totally acceptable)  touring with a colleague during a business trip to India Ferry720141116-IMGP6786


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