My colleague turned me onto the amazingness that is stitch fix, for those not familiar it is an online personal shopping company that sends you clothing to try on and buy every week, every month as often as you need them (link here

Before I go into exactly how this service works lets take a minute on the evolution of my work wear as I’m sure many of you have this problem.

So many moons ago my jobs required a suit, we are talking 5-10 years ago. And I mean you did not take your suit jacket off for any reason kind of suit wearing. So my solution to owning enough suits was twice a year to go out buy $500 worth of clothes two full suits with some interchangeable pieces, i.e. slacks and a skirt with a matching jacket. The reason for this was if would be harder for me to swap out an old suit for my new favorite and in turn wear out my suits much faster. With several new additions at once it seemed to go a lot further.

Then I moved into the world of business casual and I was constantly out getting new dresses, work pants, tops, killer shoes (yes I coordinated my purple suede stilettos to a matching purple lace cami because why not) and then I grew up. And in growing up I had pets, houses, kids and found while the now 6-year-old is rocking some fantastic clothing, most of mine is bought at Target, when on sale, or during the million 50% off sales Anne Taylor brings to the table. In turn I’m left with not tons of options, clothes that aren’t really taking any risks and aren’t necessarily going to have an amazing fit or lasting presence because I am aiming for convenient and affordable.

So enter stitch fix, a service where items range from $15 to $150 (well using my budget parameters) and for $20 they pick out my clothes, ship them to me, I get three days to try them on, I return what I don’t want and keep what I do. My $20 is credited back to me if I make a purchase. One feature I love is when you decide what you want you go online and rate each item and mark it as keep or return. I like that they just don’t automatically charge you. If you buy the entire box which is 5 items you also get 20% off your entire purchase. An entire box for me usually would fall between $170-$300.

You create a personal profile, rate various looks and can give them links to Pinterest or LinkedIn to help them understand you. You can also make requests. For me this service has helped me branch out, fill various wardrobe holes and stock up.

For example I am not big on jewelry. The pieces I have are generally very high quality and very few of them, they mostly come out for special occasions. So I asked for jewelry and I wanted it as cheap as possible. They have sent me bracelets, necklaces and earrings all of which I have loved. I have never in my life ever even thought to buy a pair of jeggings, I now own a black pair and get so excited to wear them. I asked for work pants and I got an amazing black pair that looks great and feels like sweat pants they are so comfy. I asked for Jewel tone skinny jeans and poof burgundy pants at my door.

No I have had terrible fixes on occasion, one I sent back with such scathing comments the company wrote me an apology letter. The next box was perfect! I bought everything. I find that many times I open the  box give horrified looks at 50% of what is sent and then decide to be a grown up and try it on. Usually my horrified looks are very very wrong.

So while I’ve downed my fixes from monthly to bi-monthly this completely fills a void and allows me to prioritize feeling good about wardrobe without me ending up at the store and deciding if I need a new shirt everyone in the family must need a new shirt.

So how do you keep your wardrobe full of fun and easy to where pieces? Do you suffer the same shoppers guilt, always stocking up the kids and the partners wardrobe and back-burnering your own?

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