Ever get or see a great idea, know you want to do it and don’t know where to start? So I saw this amazing pin a few years ago where this woman painted inside her cabinet and then added conversion tables and all this awesomeness to hang up her measuring spoons and cups. See her blog here: http://www.infarrantlycreative.net/5-ways-to-organize-with-cabinet-doors/ .

What she did was amazing and perfect and I love love loved it! Problem being I never found time or money to buy paint, locate hammer and nails, order the conversion table etc. I bought plastic measuring spoons and cups like she recommended and they sat in a drawer only being bundled together when my loving other half’s obsessive organizing made it near the silverware drawer.

Finally the other day I was in Wal-mart and saw mini 3M hooks, 8 packs for maybe $4. So I bought two packages, arrived home stuck them to the inside of my cabinet, hung up my measuring spoons and cups and have never been happier. And then sat there thinking what is wrong with me that this took two years to complete.

I mean isn’t that the one flaw with the Pinterest pin’s of the world? You have these people that are endlessly creative and many times do this kind of thing for a living and in turn we feel we must recreate this perfect project they did. And for me this can lead to a lot of half finished projects, or never started projects.

Just like cooking and public speaking I’m best with a loose idea of what I’m trying to do and then going about it in my own unique way. And finally giving myself more permission to do that with my organizing, home and crafting projects will hopefully be my key to more completed ideas and much less stress.

My easy way out measuring spoon and cup organizer!
My easy way out measuring spoon and cup organizer!

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