Well as holidays go I am famous for setting the bar way way way too high. We are talking the apex of non-sustainable. I mean last year the Easter bunny ended up on a sugar high, leaving three colors of streamers in his wake, traveling from the wee ones bedroom down the stairs, into the bathroom, to her Easter basket, around the house and outside to the Easter egg hunt. The bunny also dropped cotton and jelly beans on his way to the bathroom (he really had to go) and forgot to flush. I mean it was over kill in the highest of forms.

Now I’m sure anyone with more then one child at home is probably laughing hysterically at me right now and shaking their heads, but what can I say I still only have one so over the top it is. So the wee one is a December baby making it challenging to adequately handle both Birthday and Christmas, so Easter started becoming a bigger gift holiday then ever before. Its nice to have a spring time celebration to get her something that would usually be reserved for her birthday, but couldn’t be used for 6+ months due to the New England weather.

Last year we were going to be attending a company weekend away and she needed a suitcase, so the Easter bunny brought her one and filled it with all of her Easter surprises, (we don’t do a ton of candy). This year I didn’t really have anything bigger that she needed and I decided to go a bit calmer. We got a lot of beginner reading books and arts & crafts supplies. Of course Friday night rolls around and all she can talk about is the Easter bunny and how she can’t wait and she just knows this Easter will be better than last year….no pressure kiddo. She was very concerned about how to get through Saturday while waiting for Sunday.

Well Saturday came and I was in meetings all morning, then realized I didn’t even have a chocolate bunny in the house and had to run out to the store and generally was just having a very busy day. But finally 3:45 PM rolled around and we were off to her friends house to dye Easter eggs, an Easter tradition for us. Once we got there she had a blast, even claiming she would love for me to give her siblings, as I sat with a very grouchy infant covered in carrots and breast milk..are you sure kid?  My girlfriend who left me three kids and the bliss of seeing another mom who was also sans chocolate bunnies, sprint for a store at 6:00 PM Easter eve.

Then finally Sunday came and the Easter bunny ran through the house with streamers, hid eggs inside and out and she got to check out her Easter baskets. We had purple pancakes and a big ham dinner with just our family of three and the 6 year old proclaimed it was the best Easter ever. She was so thankful it took Easter so long to get here so she could have a day of fun with her friend and was so happy the bunny was excited and left streamers again and was very excited to read a new story with me and use her book mark.

So while I’m in the background awake at 4:00 AM fearful that the Easter Bunny just simply could not deliver, I was granted the gift of watching the my daughter realize that the best times are the ones had with friends and family presents aside.

Enjoy the Easter Bunny Madness, Tie Dye Pancakes and Easter Baskets!

Easter Bunny Streamer Trail IMG_9763 IMG_9764


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