Well if that title doesn’t say it all I don’t know what does. So I was having in short the worst week ever, now in hindsight I can only remember three things that happened that week: 1. My tire blew up, a tire attached to a brand new mini cooper, a run flat tire, less than a year old, 5 minutes after my daughter and I got off the highway. 2. My accountant of 10 years who is generally wonderful, sent the wrong information for me into the IRS and 3. A car drove through my house.

Now prior to the whole car thing I was pretty much done with the week. And as I was underground on the subway heading into work at 7:30 AM, I got a message from my neighbor regarding my home that I was two hours away from. The picture showed my house in the distance, a telephone pole hanging over the house from the wires and I decided this was OK. I sat on the T two stops from work, two days from spending April vacation with my family in that very house saying to myself, “OK, we are OK. This is OK. I think I’m fine. If the pole doesn’t fall we are OK here.”. Now this kind of self talk is generally a precursor to one more thing and I will lose it.

Now little additional info on my personality, I am the person you want in your corner when things go really really wrong. Not like I had a bad day, but closer to there is a bomb in the building, an immediate and shocking death, trust me someone drops in my office and every, single, person is sprinting in my direction. So ‘freaking’ out is definitely out of character.

So back to the T. I close the message take a breath decide to deal with it once I get to the office. Then I have this moment where I think I may have missed something. I open the photo, zoom in and realize I was very very wrong before. I no longer have a front porch, or windows and I need to go right now. So I get off the T call my husband and am taking very audible deep breaths trying to explain. He luckily responds with don’t freak out, (yea ok buddy) and what do you need me to do. I responded with go home, wait and drive me to the house. And then I end the call.

Now I’m approaching my building with the best of intentions to hand off everything to my colleague and head out. Of course I had lost my work badge to get in and my sanity all at once. Now crying before I even get to the doors because really enough is enough. I now call my colleague who is 7 years younger than I and probably horrified with my crying on the phone. And tell her I need you in the lobby now and hang up. Poor Kate (my colleague) has no idea what is going on and the aforementioned freak out is now in full swing. So I’m in the lobby crying under my sunglasses and just simply hand the poor thing my phone and the photo, and just tell her what needs to happen so I can leave. Of course during all this I’m getting calls from the police, my neighbor etc.

At this point I’m trying to send a message to my team but really how do you even explain that one to people? It took me three tries. So now I get there, did the grown up thing by walking over to the cops with a bottle of Dewar’s under my arm, which gave everyone a really good laugh. But then something really great happened.

As I stood looking at the car, looking at the damage, talking to the police. Two amazing things dawned on me. The first is there is a large slab of granite at the corner of my porch. It has been there for over 300 years. As I am blessed to have met the descendants of my homes original owners and have photos proving as much. The guy driving hit a rotted telephone pole, my house and then that stone. That stone totaled the mans car and protected my neighbor’s house. The driver moved it 5 feet. As I stood there a man drinking a cup of coffee stood on the other side of the police tape and said to me, “Is that your house?” and I said to him, “yes it is”. He responds with, “I am so sorry.” I’m looking at the guy being all like no it’s totally fine it’s all fixable we are OK here. The next thing this man said to me had me nearly fall over where I stood, he said, “I am so sorry I had no idea what happened I fell asleep and woke up to this.”

Now at this point this guy was expecting me to yell and my reaction was exactly the opposite. I asked him in shock, “You did this?” And when he said yes I wrapped my arms around him and said why are you still here? And told him I was so happy he was OK. I explained to him about the stone he hit and told him how hitting my house first was a total blessing. Had he hit the stone I was 100% positive he would not be here right now. The man worked a 12 hour shift, had done everything right and was only a mile from home. He had waited three hours to apologize to me.

It was just a great moment in the face of a bad situation of it happening to the two right people and everything working out as best it could. Now if a car drives into a house that is not yours it is really fascinating to watch so please enjoy the pictures below. That being said I’m still fighting the urge to write to every home owner I see this happen to to be like hey! I’ve been there!. IMG_9846  IMG_9851


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