I was reading a novel once and the main character fell during a workout and suffered from some kind of amnesia. While she was a 40 something woman with a grown daughter and a soon to be ex-husband, she awoke to thinking she was still pregnant. The woman was horrified about how her marriage had collapsed and how far away she now was from where she had always thought she wanted to be. And as the story goes on she basically needs everything explained to her, how she lost her best friend, why her daughter was so distant and how she lost her husband. The more she learns there are all these missteps in communication and with the ability to look outside of herself with this gifted amazing clarity she is able to repair and heal the voids she/they had created over the years.

And what’s amazing, although this is fiction, is it is never the biggest moments. I had dinner with a friend and for an appetizer we split a bottle of champagne that was probably over $100 and then went to two of the best restaurants in town and it was great. But ya know what was better? The $37 bottle of champagne I had last night, in my pajamas, with the love of my life, celebrating his accomplishments. I may never remember the best fancy dinner I’ve ever had, or the best party I’ve ever been too, but that moment last night in my kitchen I will remember forever. It isn’t the size of the gesture, the gift, the cost of the dinner that will hold you forever, it’s the care. It’s the time you are exhausted and miserable and stressed and you wake up and realize its 10:30 AM and then you panic because your husband isn’t in bed next to you and where is your kid? And then you here her downstairs laughing and him shushing her gently saying shhhh we don’t want to wake her up. And you smile and scramble downstairs to help out and are handed that precious cup of coffee and ask why? And he just looks at you and says because you needed this and you wouldn’t do it for yourself.

Those moments those are the ones that make you fall in love with that person and keep you there forever. So while we clearly aren’t struggling kids with our first big break in life. We can still drink cheap champagne, toast each other with beer glasses and laugh, smile and joke about how we have no idea what we are doing. But we know we are doing it, doing it together and those moments when no one is looking and you get to truly relish in it are simply just the best!

So what is your moment that in 30 years you will look at each other and tell that story and everyone else may think you are crazy, but you know how special it really is?



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