And by help I mean someone to help me clean my house. Now as someone who comes from a do it yourself save money philosophy this was a stretch for both my partner and myself. I’ve always felt if your job takes you away from being able to accomplish tasks in your personal life and then you take the money from your job to pay someone else to do your everyday tasks isn’t this just insanity?

Well coming from mothers who worked part-time in our youth, ask them and yes you will get some good-hearted laughs about it. But for us, we are commuting an hour each way everyday and sometimes less, sometimes more. We would actually have to carve out certain Sunday to return to our southern NH home and clean the floors, vacuum the couches etc. We both have pretty bad allergies, so with spring pollen, all the pets etc. it was becoming a near impossible task to actually clean everything properly.

So I had a friend form high school who started a cleaning company and she graciously offered to come clean our house even though it is a bit further out than she usually services. And let me tell you it has been a blessing. She comes twice a month and my house sparkles, no more dust bunnies under the bed, no more leaving the windows open and then having to scrub 3″ of pollen when we return. Its been great. No the times we are at home are simply for us to do other home upkeep projects, cook better meals, spend time with children and pets and of course relaxing with each other.

No of course I tell me over worked Boston counterparts about this and I get the opposite reaction that I received from out parents, which was utter shock. The literally looked at me and said, “Wait, you have been doing all of this, the two houses, kids, pets and this job with no help until right now?!? Are you insane?”. Well that surely made me feel less inventive and a bit more silly than I felt before. But it also helped me come to terms with my decision. There is no job that would give me the kind of time back this hiring decision made that would reap real financial neutrality on the situation. So now we are healthier happier and giggly with joy when we return every other Monday after Ashley has been there and see our house sparkle!

So while my mothers may scoff a bit at my methods, I have a happier, healthier family. And I no longer need to hesitate when I am about to make a giant mess with clay or do science experiments in the kitchen with the wee one that we will need to stop and dedicate the next half of the day to scrubbing the table and the floors, we can rest easy knowing there is time for our next great adventure.


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