Well this may just be the best day of my life. Now that being said I have no idea what Google Fu I was using on the day that Adult Coloring books came into my life, to keep things simple lets just blame Amazon.com. I am someone who struggles immensely to sit still and settle into a task. I have one ex who used to just stomp around the house in frustration because my constant task swamping and multi tasking made him feel like I had taken up all the activities our house could provide. I would actually sit in front of my TV, blinds open so I could people watch too, laptop open with either mindless news or videos, a magazine and my scrap-book. Of course there were other TVs, Computers, rooms, but he found these going-ons to just be too overwhelming.

So that being and moving back to current times said I get home later and by the time I make it to my bed projects that aren’t digital are out the window. There is just no time for set up, clean up etc. Usually its kids, pets, exercise or wine (depends on the night), dinner and my bed with my iPad, phone and cartoons. So enter adult coloring. It is a great way for me to zone out, scratch my creative itch, create something beautiful all while helping me, somewhat, unplug.

My first picture (And yes there are tutorials on how to use color, and an example of how to color this picture to get you started and yes I did actually find this book slightly overwhelming at first. There I said it adult color was actually kind of hard for a minute there).


And incase you want to give Adult Coloring a try for yourself….

Book available here

Markers available here


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