So several months ago our dryer broke. Now this isn’t a huge issue for us as we have another home with another washer dryer. Being that we plan on selling the house with the broken dryer and will no longer need the appliance replacing it just wasn’t something we were willing to invest money in. So we went about ordering the new part and it never showed up and now its been months. So our short-term solution was to bring the dirty laundry to our other house on the weekends, wash it and bring it back. At first this was a huge hassle but then I kind of started to love it and here’s why.

Now my week is no longer consumed with laundry. I take it up north I through it in the wash Friday night and by Saturday morning it’s folded, bagged and ready to return with me on Sunday. Since I have all my clothes from the week with me I get to put a lot less thought into what I may need for the weekend. It has also led us to be a lot more conscious as to what we consume for clothing. Before it was very easy to wear something very briefly and throw it in the wash now there is a lot more though as to what needs to get washed, when it needs to get washed and how.

Before the broken dryer I would say three loads of laundry a week would be average and this is without using a high-efficiency washing machine. Now one trash bag of clothes is all that gets washed from the week and its in a high-efficiency washer. We are both saving the life span of our clothes, using a more efficient machine and doing less laundry in general. No of course if you have more children, younger children, young pets, etc. you are probably laughing hysterically right now and thinking three loads a week even is nothing! So this is not a solution for everyone.

So its great to stumble into a life style change you would have never consciously made and have it work it even better that you would have thought. It’s also made us realize that when buying an RV a washer/dryer doesn’t need to be a priority for us, which surprisingly allows us to cut the length of our RV down by two feet.

Have you ever accidentally stumbled into a way to green and simplify your life?


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