The best time of day for me is 5 AM.

I have always been a morning person, the kind of person that can annoyingly exist on 4 hours of sleep and be bouncing off the walls and super happy to see you. This being said I’m not one to ever stay over at a friend’s house, as let’s be real here no one wants to see that person at 6:00 AM. I have come to enjoy rising before the rest of the household and enjoying early morning solitude either with a cup of coffee and a book or out on my kayak. This is the time of day when I am lone in the world and get to just take time for myself whether to accomplish a project or do something just truly relaxing. Since no one else has yet risen I get to do all of this without feeling guilt related to accomplishing more and my ever-growing to do list. And it is just glorious.

That being said I start my work day around 8 AM and enjoy the solitude of being in early and getting a jump-start on the days tasks. My other half generally keeps whatever hours are most convenient for him. But a recently accepted new role has him being needed in the office significantly more and that means we can car pool most days together. Which is great for having time to talk, plan the day, week etc. together and also means I have given up my morning solitude.

Now since I’m not a grown up all of the time my partner’s new early morning schedule has led to the occasional tantrum on my end. Me just being confused as to why after a grueling week he can’t just stay in bed for two hours while I enjoy a lush bath bomb and an hour out on the lake. Those moments are however rare as generally having this quiet time together has been a true blessing.

But my favorite new normal is during the week. Instead of one of us rising and getting ready for the day and leaving while the other is still asleep we get to get up with the sun around 5 AM and just relax in bed, sometimes just kissing and snuggling, sometimes chatting about life or the day and sometimes its more just mumbled complaining about the dogs whining or having to get up in 30 minutes. Regardless of what goes on there is something calming and wonderful about the day beginning with just quiet quality time with your partner, it just makes everything seems so much more manageable.


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