I have a pretty strong belief in this, If you are going to complain about it then you better be planing on doing something about it. If you know me you know I am not known for my even mannered temper. I can’t stand what I perceive as injustice or just simple bad behavior. I’ve been known to tweet at the local transit system, email police chiefs, right my senator, go to the board of selectmen, etc.

Here’s the thing I may go on a big rant about a blatant and violent crime I witnessed and how I couldn’t find a police officer even thought I was standing on a street with the police station. Anyone can complain its easy, you feel vindicated, but it’s really unfair. Unless that is you are complaining to someone who knows the whole situation and/or can make a difference about it. In this case I told co-workers and posted about it on Facebook. Then the police chief emailed me back, set up a call with me on a Sunday morning, told me the facts of the case, who responded and who didn’t and why. I was wrong. This was a time when I really wanted to be wrong. I then went and updated my Facebook, told my co-workers what I found out and that I was wrong and how wonderful this communities police captain it.

I went to get on the subway and had no money left on my pass, tried to reload it and found every single fair machine to be broken. So remembering an article I read about the MBTA’s twitter feed, I tweeted at them. They responded 5 minutes later and dispatched someone to fix it. I could have just complained, but they wouldn’t have known and the problem wouldn’t have gotten fixed.

Even with my daughter she complains and the first thing I saw is well did you tell them you didn’t like that? And if the answer is no then sorry too bad for you. So how do you handle complaining? Is it always a good old-fashioned vent or do you want it to be actionable?


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