I commute a lot. And I’ve used every single method a commuter can use, subway, train, bus, water taxi, car you name it. Currently I drive to the Subway or if you are from Boston the T and then ride the T into work. While I was a train commuter I was a head phone girl all the way. And that carried over into my time on the subway, and then the subway got bad. There were numerous delays, packed T’s, it was the worst.

So I decided to put away my headphones for good. So much has been written about electronic devices and losing that human connection and I both agree and disagree with the sentiment. I’ve had plenty of heart-felt conversations with strangers through social media, connected with former high school friends I wouldn’t have otherwise via Facebook messenger to trade advice on parenting and the like.

But when it comes to commuting I’m on the T for on average 15-30 minutes, that means time to chat with a new friend or friends, it may mean instead of being annoyed with random guy singing with his headphones on I may jump into the song because why not?, I am more likely to look up and around and offer my seat to someone elderly, disabled or pregnant, and I am more aware on a packed train on how to make room or ask others to do so so one poor soul isn’t left on the platform.

I can only imagine how much better 15 minutes could be if we all took out our headphones and survived the experience together. I have talked to Grandmothers about knitting, asked women where they got their amazing outfits (and had a good chuckle when they tell me on clearance at Wal-Mart three years ago and I almost bought the same dress for $150), we’ve talked about child care, gotten people fighting over text messages with their other half’s to chuckle and let it go, because really its text messaging come on now..

Have you done anything to change your commute or at least how you perceive it?


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