So the month of July was lost to a variety of commitments mostly revolving around my work. There were tournaments and conferences and things that just made time off impossible. So finally after getting into August we were ready to pick a week for summer vacation prior to the start of school.

Well the only week that was even remotely feasible was the second to last week in August. This lead to me have to work two days for some big meetings, which is generally a good thing as the wee one really enjoys the day care at my office and visiting my colleagues. So positive attitude we’ll spend a few days south hit up the new Lego land all is well. And then life happens….

My phone rings Wednesday the week before our vacation and its my builder. Now in the most grown-up way possible I told him to not call me and can we just pretend like you never saw what was wrong, He said no and called. So sometimes your house is falling down with rot, and the sky is falling etc. etc. Anyway its totally fine he’s fixing it, but we will no longer have an accessible yard, a porch or any real basement access. As you can imagine while vacationing, on a lake, with a child, whose toys are in the basement. This could be a problem. But hey positive attitude we will figure this out.

So we head up the weekend before vacation take a look around and realize we can’t really head back, the house is a mess, definitely can’t leave it….this are getting a  bit more complicated. So Amtrak here I come with 4:40 AM wake up calls and a 1.5 hour train ride with a 6 year old both ways.

By the time Wednesday morning rolls around I’m staring at my darling partner going lets revisit trip vs. vacation again because THIS IS NOT A VACATION! And proceeded to stop around my construction dust covered house going its not a vacation until every. single. meal. is not prepared by me! So we can see where this is going…..

I promptly get over myself jump off the dock into the lake with the wee one who chooses this very moment to panic, try to grab the dock, leaving me with a foot so badly bruised I’m hitting up the zoo/amusement park on crutches. And talk about getting what you ask for. Now I am mostly bound to the couch and unable to do those things I was complaining about, I have a much greater appreciation for my situation. This was probably the turning point in our ‘trip’ that brought us to now listing things we accomplished.

Such as, “Hey, this week wasn’t soo bad, I replaced that door knob and got the stain out of the carpet.” And, “Hey we can always try again next year”. Followed by onslaughts of rain which kept us mostly house bound.

At the end of the day our daughter had a blast. She got a try a lot of fun things, paint night, spent time with her Grammy, saw bed races for the first time, played at the new park, went swimming, we gardened, harvested tomatoes, planted flowers. All great experiences even if the grown ups were less than thrilled at times. And an important reminder that kids value the time you spend with them and not necessarily what you spend it doing. Reading stories on the couch and visiting the playground with the local kids is worth way more then all the things I couldn’t do this week.

How have you tried to find the silver lining with your foiled vacation plans?


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