I am now the ripe old age of 31. Now I understand many people will see that and look at me and go are you crazy, calling 31 old?! But when you sit every day with a group of people who walk through the corporate door at 23 many of them hear 30 and start to absolutely panic. Of course being the kind person I am I assure them that life really ends at 27 and the only thing that improves is your hair game. (I know I’m a terrible person, but if you think 30 is life ending you probably deserve it).

In turn I find myself giving out a lot of advice, I’m pretty approachable and never judge anyone for their questions. In turn I have very few new dads in the office who haven’t sidled up next to my desk to ask about parenting or to talk about their wives career decisions and compare notes on the best products or whatever it may be. But the kids, my adorable 23 year olds are my favorite. We cover everything from how to find a good bank, apartment hunting, commuting, best neighborhoods all the way up to wedding planning and career advice. And every time I talk something through with them I am reminded exactly how much I didn’t know back then.

I moved out very very young and in with a significant other. By the time I was 19 the relationship was more off than on and during one of our bouts I was adamant that I should have my own apartment. My reasoning being if this goes south I don’t want to be 25 and not know how to do anything. Of course I can cook, clean, manage a household, pay my bills, but I would never have had to apartment hunt, set up cable, turn on the electric and I’d always have a fail safe in my partner financially etc. It just seemed like while everyone else was forced to learn all this I’d be own my own and many years behind.

I remember having a ‘life skills’ class in high school my senior year and all we learned in the class was how to balance a check book and how interest worked. And not good interest basically how credit cards would bankrupt you in a really high level and confusing way. Ever since then I’ve always wondered why life readiness classes didn’t cover the following things, tenant rights, how to apply for a mortgage, how your credit score works and how high it really needs to be, how to buy a car and consumer rights. I mean those are life skills.

Did you have a class like mine in high school or the one I described as ideal? What do you whish you knew when it came to starting out on your own?


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