I am a perpetual optimist (I know. I know, you are shocked! haha). So I may worry about the worst at times but mostly I expect things to work out. I always hope for the best. So there is this culture related to my job around work that it is basically impossible to stay the same here. We have a model that is up or out if you’re not moving in the right direction then there is probably a different direction for you, but it’s not here. Now I can explain in a different post how this is actually a really really good thing and not nearly as bad or scary as it sounds, but we will save that for another day.

The summary here is whenever you are ahead or on top of things that’s a great cue that you are ready for more. You are never done here. No matter how efficient, fast or awesome you are that just means its time to take on something else or try something new. So even I, the perpetual optimist, can feel defeated at times.

Fall is our busiest season, things are just crazy, traffic in Boston is awful, commutes are longer, if you are a New Englander you know how much we love fall and when work is making you miss it ugh it’s the worst! So I was lying in my bed at 9:00 PM last night and I knew I messed up. I had a date wrong and it was going to cost me $400 and while there were 3 things that could easily have happened and totally voided my mistake I was convinced the worst was going to happen and went to bed just miserable.

Then I woke up. And I looked around and said wait a darn minute, even if this goes wrong, no one died today because of it, it was an honest error and not that big of one. So I said this is life Ann, you wake up and you do the very best you can and many times this is not going to be enough. This time I could have completely failed, but I know that next time I have already done it once so I can only do better the next go around. So that’s it.

Life advice that I will relay to my daughter this weekend, wake up, do the best you can and in those times that has not been good enough then you will be better the next time around. Own it, wake up again and do the best you can.

Or for you How I Met Your Mother Fans Wake up, Be Awesome.

PS One of those three things did happen and everything did work out.


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