So not to be a total cliché of the 30 something woman loving her wine, but lets call a spade a spade, I love my wine!

Living in NH it is super easy to pick up decent well priced wine and with a coupon no less! But then my co-worker started trying out Club W and I had read some reviews and decided to try it. The wines come in at $13 a bottle and are of a surprisingly good quality. Don’t like your bottle of wine? Call and complain and they credit your account for a new one. Who doesn’t which the liquor store did that?

Now for my favorite part, the use small vineyards that you normally wouldn’t get to experience. So although it may be hard to re-order a favorite you get these super unique blends, you are supporting small business and the even list some out as vegan or with other tags for issues people care about.

The wine also comes with recipe cards so you can pair it with meals, as well as flavor charts, suggestions for when it is best to drink, (night out with friends, with a roast, with fish, etc.).

One of my biggest problems is keeping my wine rack stocked because I have a hard time walking into the liquor store and justifying spending that much on wine at once, but with club W I can order 3 bottles for just $39 and $6 in shipping. I can buy 6 bottles and get free shipper as well and I say $78 dollars well spent. No way I could get 6 bottles I know I’ll love or be refunded anywhere else! So now when guests come over I have wine for entertaining, I have wine for me, I never have to drive out of my way and I know I’ll love it!

How have you simplified keeping an entertaining staple in your house? Have you tried any other food services that you love? Interested in trying Club W? Click here.


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