The great things about rural areas is the abundance of produce that is grown by friends, family and local farms. The fall being the best time as the harvesting is done and all those leftover crops really need a home. Now this only partly describes how I ended up with a bushel of apples, a reusable grocery bag of tomatoes and 6 pumpkins, but that is not the point.

So my kitchen has been filled with apple sauce, apple crisp, tomato soup, pasta sauce and now I’m conquering the pumpkins.

I decided to do a little digging into what I can do with my leftover pumpkin pieces post jack-o-lantern fun times. And as I babble on about all the pumpkin-y possibilities guy I live with continues to look at me with a face that says is this really necessary? Now in fairness to this poor man, I have assured him that I am no longer sure tomato soup from scratch is ever necessary… but talk to me again on free tomato day (see free tomato day post).

Currently I am in the process of pureeing pumpkin guts and separating seeds to make risotto, pumpkin butter, toasted seeds and pumpkin seed brittle.  This weekend I’ll be baking my remaining pumpkins and pureeing the results for pumpkin pies at thanksgiving and maybe a pumpkin soup.

Of course ease got the best of me last weekend and no pumpkin products were processed but my compost bin got a lovely treat and next year our vegetable garden will be very thankful.

How have you re-purposed your carving pumpkins? Any creative ideas to create less waste this Halloween?


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