Suggesting to people that they view their taxes as a charitable contribution is probably one of my less popular suggestions. But if you really think about it isn’t that exactly what taxes are? Charity, donations to help make basic services and meet needs of everyone regardless of income.

So we all get frustrated with taxes, we don’t understand where the money goes, we don’t know how certain pieces are decided (I mean can property taxes really be anything more than subjective in many ways?) and its a lot of money. You take 1/3 of your money send it off and hope for the best. And it feels like you have zero say in the matter.

So recently there has been a big push to cut back on social services and that charities should pick up the pieces and support those causes. OK not a bad idea. The Gates Foundation and others have tons of money to help. So we can rely on them to make sure the poor have healthcare and the elderly have heat etc. But what happens when 90% of the charities only want to only help say single 20 something middle class white men or abandoned tea cup poodles? Probably not your top two causes. So maybe we should vote on it, but their are a lot of causes out there and that would take a lot of time. So I would think maybe we dedicate a few people whose job it is to vote on our behalf on who the charities should help. And we should probably pay those people that vote for us, so if we all chip in say $2 that should help with their salary. So do you see where I am going with this yet…? No, not yet? OK then, well what if those charities don’t want to go along with what we vote for what then? I mean a lot of us probably gave them money so what if we pool our money together then we can control what happens to it… OK now you have to see where I am going with this.

But are you going to read this and feel great about your tax rates? Probably not, but that really wasn’t what I was going for. Taxes are frustrating, but they can do a lot of good too. And what I think is great is we all get a say the government has tons of money coming through their doors and we, each and everyone of of us gets a vote to decided who should be in charge of that money or who should be picking the people in charge of that money.

So while your tax bill may be frustrating and I’m sure many other things, maybe you can rest a little easier tonight thinking about how cool it is that you get a say over trillions of dollars instead of thinking about how you don’t get a say over 1/3 of your paycheck.

What do you do to make your tax situation more bearable? Any other unique tax outlooks to add a little bright spot to April 15th?




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