I have been desperate for a solution to save me time when it comes to cooking. I’ve tried blue apron, peapod, Instagram, crockpot meals and nothing really works for us.

Blue apron was fun but I. A bit of a picky eater and the prep for the meals was just too time consuming. I loved learning new techniques and recipes, but I don’t really think making salad dressing from scratch every time fit into my schedule.

Grocery delivery was great but peapod minimum was just more than we needed. Instacart can be pricey, plus it only can come to my office making the commute challenging.

Crockpot meals were ok but many times we are gone 10-12 hours and even with the warm setting the food just didn’t do well if left that long (understandably so).

So I was scouring the Internet and came across this thing like a crock pot but also like a refrigerator and I could control it from my phone. No way was my first thought. This is the solution I’ve been looking for! That is  how I discovered the Mellow Sous-vibe. Apparently sous-vide cooking is a popular technique that cooks food at very low temperatures and in turn preserves the flavor and nutrition. People make them at home or buy them and the Mellow is just the first truly ‘smart’ version.

How it works is you put the food in a bag they provide and it seals once you place it in the water. The Mellow keeps it cold until it’s ready to cook. You tell it the type of food, when you want it done and any preferences then the machine calculates when to start cooking. I can not wait to try this and see how it helps with my cooking woes.


I pre-ordered mine which saves $200 and with the link https://cookmellow.com/?ref=hvXLcdO you save another $50. I can’t wait to receive it this spring and post an update on how it works for me!

What are your time saving tricks for cooking after a long work day?



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