So with the looming political elections and candidates in full frenzy there is a lot of talk about democratic socialism and even more fear about redistribution of wealth. We’ve created a climate where we have a handful of billionaires winning the political game and convincing the middle class the poor are bankrupting the system. Now that sentence alone could probably tell you where I land politically but that’s not why we’re here.

The government was built to protect us. To not let those with great power or wealth take advantage of those with less.

When we talk about redistribution of wealth it’s not to make everyone equal, it’s to prevent any one person from having too much power. The thing with wealth these days is that the very rich have done a great job of keeping it forever. And now you are saying well they earned it, it’s there’s, you have no right to take it away. And you are correct on all points. But taxes are there to limit that wealth, to limit that power.

If we the people write laws and then a few have enough wealth to supersede those laws (look at what Gigi Hadid’s dad is doing in California, building outside of code, causing landslides, endangering thousands and using his massive wealth to evade inspectors, hide his construction and bury the legal system in paperwork). It’s people like this whose wealth makes them very much above the law.

The affluenza teen, another example, paid his way out of trouble his whole life until it led to homicide. He got away with that too.

So while the concept is scary it is there to protect the many from the few. And if the people enacting it get too crazy then we can vote them out in a few years and that is why they should have the power.

How do you think we should keep our leaders, our government, our people honest? Is it this redistribution philosophy? Is there another way? Let us know!


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