Being a tall girl (5′ 10″) and having an aunt teach me how to walk in stilettos from a young age I tower in high heels, they put me around 6′ 2″ tall. And of course I love commanding a room in towering heels.

Well fast forward many years and the days of people believing I only owned stilettos are long gone and several serious foot injuries (un-high heel) related have side lined from the shoe game indefinitely. I want to take a moment to share my secrets for how to walk in high heels.

  1. Buy small. You  want your shoes a half size too small for the purpose of long wearing high heels.
  2. Your shoes should fit in such a way you can walk on the balls of your feet without the heel of your shoe touching the ground and without the back of the shoe slipping off.
  3. Tissues. These work great for the tears caused by you aching feet (I kid, I kid), but they do work great for shoving into the toe of pointy toed shoes to stop them from curling or to create the tight fit needed.

Now the why to these. In the city you will encounter (well in Boston at least) grates, brick, cobblestones, etc. These will destroy your shoes and more embarrassingly or dangerously they will trip you. Everything from a broken ankle to completely stepping out of your shoe because your heel got hung on the bricks. The only work around for this is walking on the balls of your sheet. This method also works great for weddings that happen on grass.

Also remember many shoes will stretch so buying them small will benefit you in a few ways. And your foot sliding around in a stretched out shoe will make it hard to walk, balance and can cause rubbing (i.e. blisters).

As a disclaimer high heels generally aren’t great for your feet and many medical professionals will cringe and say OMG did she really tell people to buy too small shoes?! ARGHHHH!! But if you are city dwelling or working, broke and determined this will get the job done.

Other things that help are: High quality shoes and a strong fitness level 🙂

Happy Walking!

Me and a pair of ill fitted red stilettos. 



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