Have you ever been driving home from work checked in with your other half and started listing everything you had to do for the night? Were you annoyed, maybe frustrated? Just kept thinking of one more thing to add to the list? Of course you’ve been there we all have. Unfortunately when you are overwhelmed seeing the forest from the trees can feel darn near impossible but at last there is hope!

I’d love to tell you I have magic to make everyday easier then the last, but I do not. What I have is hope, Tonight I was mad. I had online course work due by Sunday for an opportunity I worked really really hard for, I needed to get to the grocery store, the pharmacy, I wanted to get a workout in, I needed to compile information for the PTA, send some emails, make dinner, tend to the pets…well you get the idea. Feeling completely overwhelmed.

Then I got home the trash can was tossed around, the mail needed to be retrieved and then I had this great moment I parked my car and got the trash can. Yup that was my epiphany. Standing outside in the cool fall breeze, admiring my grass I went ya know what I’m going to order a pizza and then I’m going to take the hour until it arrives to take care of the dog and do my course work. And I took a really deep breath and said you got this and opened my laptop. Thirty minutes later I’m through class one, pizza is on the way and I’m writing this post before I do some yoga. Sometimes when there are so many things in the way you forget what you can accomplish in 30 minutes. I like to play little games with myself, such as how many dishes can you do in two minutes. This replaces my thought of oh man look at all the dishes I’ll be late for work if I do them. But in two minutes I can get through a bunch, if not all, not be late and feel accomplished.

While in my lowest of moments I would love for someone to rescue me from my feelings of despair, I instead get the annoyance of my partner. His response to why he didn’t help when seeing me feeling overwhelmed is a simple, ‘Well babe you always figure it out’. Mind you if I ask him for help he’s there in a heart beat, but I had to ask myself why does he have so much faith where I do not? And it occurred to me it’s because he’s right. It is incredibly rare that I can’t figure out a problem when I calm down and try to solve it. So many times we don’t see the competencies in ourselves that others see. I for one can ruin my whole day or even just 15 minutes of it worrying about a problem that perhaps can’t be solved just yet. Worrying about letting people down, worrying about failing, but I’ve found so much of that is simple self pity. And when I take a breath and say listen you got this don’t be afraid to start finding solutions things do tend to work themselves out or I find a compromise, an alternative there is always a way if its important enough.

So I hope you find a reserve you didn’t know you had and look at your next challenge the way those closest to you see you by saying, ‘You got this’ and diving in with both feet.


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