So I’m sure you’ve had days where you are like ugh I wish I could delete my Facebook, but then you remember except for that page from my kids school, cancellations from yoga class, traffic alerts, pictures of your friends baby etc. Those conveniences we love make it hard to take a much needed break.

I have deleted my accounts, deleted the apps, rejoined, etc. And I thought I’d take a moment to share what works for me to keep social media from running my life.

I have found deleting my Facebook app and account simply make it harder for me to access information when I need it. I don’t know about you but my landscaper, plumber, housekeeper and plow guy all come from Facebook recommendations. So page 2 has been the key to my success.

I have a folder called entertainment on my phone and twitter, instagram and facebook all live there. And that folder is on page two of my phone. So when I go to look at my phone it is not the first thing I see. And it reminds me that, that’s why these are here convenience and entertainment.

Second step, I turned off notifications. While I need to know that my yoga class is cancelled, odds are if the weather is bad I’d open the app and look first. There is never a situation where Facebook needs my urgent attention. There is something incredibly freeing from not having that bright red in my face saying, hey click here! click here!

Your social media accounts are yours and yours alone and no one gets to decided but you whose on there. I get it family is family, but that doesn’t mean you are forced to follow high conflict uncle Joe, or explain yourself to random person you new in high school. Unfollow is your friend. Don’t be afraid to take control of your posts. Tell people this is my page and I’m sharing my opinion and you are welcome to share yours….on your own page. Just because its social media no one has a right to attack you. If you are sharing something grossly inappropriate or offensive that is what report buttons are for. Of course I love a healthy debate, but that’s the thing both parties agree to debate and its respectful. Disagreements on social media rarely account for these things.

And remember there are no guarantees and peoples feelings are rarely about you. When you post that issue on the community page and 75 people attack you, take it with a grain of salt. Because the last person with the same complaint got 75 supportive comments. If it just happens to be that today people are over the negativity and have decided you are the problem. Let them and move on. Cancer has yet to be cured by any posts on social media it’s simply not that serious.

Good luck out there the internet can me both an amazing, supportive place and also the stuff of mental health professionals nightmares. What tricks do you use to help you stay sane?



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