If you know me you know I’m a supporter of both the 2nd amendment and commonsense gun control and I’m the biggest huggable hippy liberal you’ll ever meet. I love talking to good people who disagree with me. And something that I’ve noticed is whenever I am seated with my, very very pro gun, counter parts and we talk about guns they almost never agree with the NRA’s platform. One of the things I always ask and get agreed with on is that no matter how many good guys with guns they think can stop bad guys with guns they always, always say they know someone who shouldn’t have a gun. That being said if you are for guns and the NRA is just about getting as many guns out there as possible don’t you think you deserve better?

When I think about the arguments about gun control I can’t help but wonder what is the NRA doing for you? With the backing of so many gun manufacturers and with so much funding why aren’t guns any smarter? Why don’t we have a solution for the time it takes to un-secure a gun in the event of an intruder? Fingerprint recognition with a second verification maybe? Why isn’t there say a digital tracker that police could activate when someone may be in crisis? Or even disarm someone who has already been flagged?

As someone with a gun, a good guy with a gun. If you think your the one that can stop bad things what about a training program. You start with say a shot gun and can train and take classes to unlock more gun options? That way the most skilled and educated gun owners get access to the best weapons while others still can access a gun.

I worry the NRA may be helping infringe on other rights. While they are pushing that guns aren’t the problem and other things are what are the wider consequences? My libertarian friends should be concerned. When we talk about stopping things before they happen by seeing red flags in people… imagine you are the red flag and you had a bad day and your guns at locked up at your uncles across town because your going through a divorce and know your struggling, but your ex wife calls the sheriff and you’ve now missed three days of work on a psych hold? That doesn’t mean we should be engaging its just we should be paying attention, will we be trading one freedom for another? And if so is it worth it.

So maybe its time NRA members and gun supporters in general form a new group. One where gun manufacturers are making amazing technological advancements. When they are investing in gun owners, ranges and new modern technology that addresses gun owners concerns. Imagine a world where your gun organization supported schools with more than just shooting programs, where they stood up to gun manufacturers to get you better products, where they lobbied for better training, where they worked to make sure former military members receive all the help and support they need and are allowed to carry upon their return, that they worked on making sure medical marijuana doesn’t take away your gun rights.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t fight, I’m not saying your views aren’t important, but what I’m asking is, is who you stand behind truly standing behind you. Lets force them to show who the gun owners really are. As most of the time they are good responsible people who want whats best for their family, community, and country.

What do you wish the NRA would do differently for you?


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